A year ago, I didn’t have any friends here.

A year ago, I spent Thanksgiving with my parents and my ex because I knew she had nowhere to go and still figured we could save shit.

A year ago, I was unhappy. Despite my best efforts, I was still a person in need of change, growth, and perspective.

Tonight, I was invited to “Friendsgiving”. I hung out and had drinks with the people who have given me a social life.

I sat and explained that the only reason I have friends is because of an establishment that my friends all spend time at.

I explained it to one of the two people who own that establishment.

She cried and told me it was awesome as I explained that the only reason I was sitting at the same table was because of friends I made at the place she owned.

Life is weird and it leads you through all kinds of ups and downs. I’m a firm believer that most of the time, those things are (be it in the immediate future or distant) good. You’ll get where you need to go because of those things. It was awesome to tell someone that they’d impacted my life in a fairly significant way when they just thought of me as a familiar face.

I love the friends I have now. I’m alright with the life I have. Things might just be okay, but that’s okay and I’m okay with where I am. Goodnight.